The Improbable Life of Ricky Bird

All of us know how to tell a story but some of us are better storytellers than others. The main character of ‘The Improbable Life of Ricky Bird’ is an exceptional storyteller. Ricky Bird has a remarkable talent for reimagining and repackaging the world around her. Storytelling is her special talent, her way of gift-wrapping her truth.

When Ricky encounters trouble and has no one she can turn to or trust, it’s her stories that carry her through. She throws them out like a radar to see what bounces back. A good or funny story will attract acceptance and friendship. A clever or absurd story will help deflect conflict. As the novel progresses and Ricky finds herself increasingly isolated and silenced, her stories become urgent.

‘A wise, tender but un inching portrait of an ordinary family and the unordinary girl at its heart. Ricky – fragile, tough, endearing and funny – is a fabulous creation. She’ll walk around in my world all year, and more.’
KRISTINA OLSSON, author of Shell and Boy, Lost

‘Fierce and wonderful and utterly singular, Ricky embodies the sheer joy and transformative power of storytelling. This is a character you don’t want to let go.’

KATE MILDENHALL, author of The Mother Fault and Skylarking

'Beautifully written, heartbreakingly funny and deeply moving, this book has already been compared to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Lost and Found, Shuggie Bain, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and A Monster Calls.'