Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar

Julian Corkle’s got small-screenability. His mother tells him he’ll be a star one day. ‘Twinkle, twinkle,’ she says.

Not everyone shares Julian’s dreams of stardom. Television is too much like hairdressing for his father’s tastes. ‘Boys don’t like dolls,’ he tells Julian, ‘They like Dinky Toys.’ Not this boy, thinks Julian, who knows better than to tell the truth.

‘Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar’ is the ultimate feel-good novel, a book that will have the reader laughing out loud on the back of a bus as it follows Julian’s bumpy journey through adolescence, fibbing his way through school and a series of dead-end jobs, to find his ultimate calling as creator of ‘The Hog’.

Sherry Cracker Gets Normal

Meet Sherry Cracker: loner, obsessive note-taker and lover of tartan trousers.

She works for thrifty, straight-talking Mr. Chin who runs a business buying used gold from dentists. One afternoon, Mr. Chin informs Sherry that she’s abnormal. He then gives her £100 and a weekend in which to ‘crack the normality nut’ and get normal. On her odyssey, Sherry meets a runaway known as the ‘Little Bastard’ and gentleman alcoholic, Jocelyn de Foiegras. Through their friendship, she learns that she is looking for normality in all the wrong places.

Packed to the gills with quirky characters and comical twists and turns, ‘Sherry Cracker Gets Normal’ will have you pondering the meaning of life one moment and laughing uproariously the next.