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Who’s Who?

March 29, 2017

The night before last, we broke our journey south to stay in a motel. When my sister turned on the television, the Kardashians were on. We watched the show for a few minutes but my mother couldn’t get the hang of it.

All the Kardashians seemed to do was talk about themselves. They all looked alike. Mum couldn’t work out who was who.

‘Bloody stupid,’ she said.

It was an old show, filmed when the parents were still married. Bruce Jenner was still Bruce. His hair was blond and shoulder length. He was wearing a pink shirt.

When the camera settled on him, Mum said, ‘So that’s the mother.’

No, we explained, barely able to contain our laughter. That’s the father but he’s since become a woman.

The camera moved to the short-haired mother. ‘So who’s that then?’ she asked, clearly thinking this was going to be the father.

That’s the mother, we explained.

The camera moved back to Bruce Jenner. ‘So that’s the mother?’ she repeated, confused and getting irritated.

No, we explained again, now openly laughing, that’s the father who has since become a woman.

She shook her head. ‘I can’t keep up with this. I’m going to bed.’

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