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When the Fur Flies

January 14, 2019


When I moved from London to Sydney in March last year, I took two of my three cats with me. The oldest, Pipi, was too frail to travel. She turned 17 last year and has various health issues. My vet said the voyage and the 10-day quarantine would be too much for her.

The thought of leaving this old friend behind was terribly upsetting. I’d taken her on when I lived in Paris where she’d been literally kicked around by some dreadful people (neighbours). Pipi never lost her fear and while she was affectionate, she liked it on her terms and would even occasionally lash out. I could pick her up and smooch the hell out of her but she would never sit on my knee.

When I left the UK, Pipi was adopted by a very dear friend of mine. He took her in despite her age and strident personality. And guess what? A couple of weeks ago she allowed him to have her on his knee. Now, apparently, she demands to sit there.

It is a remarkable breakthrough. Her new valet, is a miracle worker. Through kindness and care, he’s broken through all that damage and gained her trust. Hero!

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