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This Beautiful City


May 12, 2019

Today I drove over the ANZAC Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge to the northern beaches with my pal Louise.It was a glorious day, warm with a high blue sky.

Driving through Sydney is tricky and entails a hell of a lot of lane changing. You have to read the signs and remain alert. I missed two turnoffs to the harbour bridge but we managed to find our way back by detouring through the city.

It was the car’s first serious run and it behaved well until we were over the bridge. Then the hazard lights came on. Then, mysteriously, they turned off. Then they came on again. I was on a motorway so had to drive 5 to10km with the hazard lights flashing like a pilot vehicle warning oncoming cars of a large truck carrying a nuclear missile.

When it was possible, I hand signalled and pulled off the road. As we went through all the dials and buttons, Louise kept saying there should be a specific hazard lights button but no, I was convinced the car had an electrical fault and I’d been sold a dud. Taking the law into her hands, she removed my phone from the holder I’d attached to the air-con vent. Beneath it was the hazard lights button. The pressure of the phone must have been switching the lights on and off as the car went over bumps.

A weight lifted from my shoulders. The car was not a dud. All was fine. Better than fine. It was a beautiful day and the beach was waiting for us. What a fab day we had. Sydney is a hell of a city.

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