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In the Soup

December 13, 2021

For the past few days I have been feeling burdened and pessimistic, overwhelmed and dull. As if I was moving through soup. As if I was weighed down by a scratchy, grey army blanket. Every move, every decision, had to be made within the murky confusion of soup and under the weight of the blanket. Thinking is a struggle in this place.

A couple of hours ago, the soup began to clear. The burden began to lift. It’s now almost completely gone. What seemed impossible or at least very difficult, now seems do-able.

I am telling myself to remember this for the next time the blanket descends. I must remember that it will go, that I must simply keep moving forward with the knowledge that the soup will clear. I am fortunate not to suffer from paralysing depression (so far). I feel for my friends who do suffer in this way.

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