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Fluffy Towels


September 21, 2016

Some people like fluffy towels. My mother likes them. My little brother likes them. When you walk through a department store with Bruce, he will pause to check the quality of display towels. When you stay at his place, you get a plump, sail-size white towel, warm from the heated towel rail. It’s like staying in a hotel only the meals are better and there’s a nice dog.

My elderly Scottish aunt prefers thin towels. They are usually mint green and you get two on the end of your bed. It makes sense to have thin towels in Scotland. It’s a lot damper and colder than New Zealand. Washing doesn’t dry as easily.

I assumed this was the reason but no, my aunt explained. It was my uncle who had preferred them thin. ‘He always said you can’t dry your ears with a thick towel.’

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