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Crying in the Stands

July 12, 2019

I just called my mother in New Zealand to tell her that on Sunday the Australians will apparently be supporting the NZ team in the Cricket World Cup game against England.

‘Well, good then,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want New Zealand to have to play the bloody Australians. They cheat. Look at that captain of theirs who was caught cheating. They carry sand in their pockets to rough up the balls.’

Marion has never forgiven the Australian cricket team for Trevor Chappell’s dirty underarm bowl against NZ’s Brian McKechnie in the 1981 World Cup final. Yes, that is nearly 40 years ago.

She’s thrilled that NZ has made it to the finals but feels sorry for the Indian team (‘great players’) and their supporters. ‘Some of them were crying in the stands.’

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