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Writing Workshops

Diane Connell is an innovative teacher and writing guide. She facilitates workshops and offers one to one support for both emerging writers and writers struggling with their craft. She has run writing labs in Greece and facilitated workshops in Paris and London. Below are examples of her workshops. 

In this course, we examine the novel from a structural perspective, breaking it down into the elements of a compelling story. You will learn how to plan your novel and how to build its chapters along the bones of a narrative arc. This course is about demystifying the writing process and about giving you practical skills to construct a publishable novel with vivid characters.

This course will teach you how to take the story you want to tell and put it on the page. If you don’t yet have a story, the course will help you create one. During the week, we will explore techniques for breaking through the obstacles that hold you back from moving forward with your story. 

Diane Connell's writing labs are energetic, serious, focused, enjoyable and all about YOU and your story.

Atsitsa Bay, Skyros

'Fantastic teacher. Joyful, relaxed and determined to bring out the best in us all.'

'She kept the group giving and exploring and working hard but for a good reason as she found gold in us all.'

'I came away inspired, fired up about my premise, and armed with Diane’s tricks to get the creative juices flowing.'



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